sol-scanner bot

Just paste 'CA' in whatever channel you like! Scan will do the magic for you!

If you would like to have our Scanner Bot on your favourite Discord server, feel free to invite

If you would like to invite our bot on Telegram, it's important to give Solami Scanner Admin rights otherwise you will have to post /i CA to see scanner bot insights

We have two versions for Discord one is FREE and the second is a PREMIUM version, which costs 2 SOL per month or 3 SOL for 3 Months! (100% of these money we will use for buy&burn $AG)

Premium Benefits

First 10 Insider Positions 🟩holding initial amount 🟨partially sold πŸŸͺbought more πŸŸ₯sold

  • recent swap (it tells you how many smart money and insiders are in the project)

  • metadata changed (meaning either the name or/and symbol have been changed since we started tracking this token)

  • airdropped (this stat is indicating how much supply was airdropped by the creator to other wallets)

Dev/Airdrop Selling Report

  • tells you about the sneaky stuff from developers, including how much they sold and how much they hold


  • Creating a market on OpenBook costs .3 SOL to 2.8 SOL. The higher fee often signals a more serious and bullish commitment by the developers.


  • Added Bundled % to give you an edge over the current meta. We are monitoring the pool creation block for any bundled swaps (either by deployer or snipers) and render the % of supply that was sniped. You don't want to see any high numbers on this indicator because either the sniper or the deployer will be dumping on you.

Recent Swaps

  • KYC The tool now counts fresh wallets funded from KYC-compliant CEXs (like Coinbase, Kraken, etc.), considering them more bullish because they had to verify identity on CEXs

  • Uniq freshies Indicates fresh wallets likely funded from unique sources so more uniq more different sources (different people) For more please open ticket on our discord

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